Welto FAQ

What markets do you operate in?

We currently operate in US market, but we plan to expand our services to Canada and United Kingdom in the near future.

What cryptocurrencies do you currently support?

We currently support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zencash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Crown. We are constantly adding support for more currencies and they will be available in the future.

Why can’t I see my balance after I add my wallet?

Certain public exchanges do not display your balance information so if you are not able to view your balance using blockchain explorer you will not be able to view it on our dashboard.

What is the maximum bill amount do you support?

We currently support bills up to $300. We are currently working to remove this limit.

How do I cancel my Welto account?

Please email support@welto.io to process your request.

How do I get help?

You can email our support team at support@welto.io. Alternatively, you can use our support page to get help.

What is the difference between "Paid" and "Confirmed" bill status?

When you pay a bill the status of your request will change to paid. It means that we received money from you. Once the conversion of money will take place we will send e-check to your Service provider, status will be changed to "Executing". When the payment has been received by utility company the status of the bill will change to "Confirmed".

How long does it take to process my bill?

The process for paying your bill is almost instantaneous once we receive your payment. After your payment, the processing is complete. It may take 24-72 hours till your service provider will close your bill.

How can I cancel my payment?

When you made your payment your status will be changed to "Paid". During the "Paid" status you can send us a request on support@welto.io and request to return your money. Once the status will be changed to "Executing" it means that we have already sent a payment to your service provider and we are not able to cancel it.