Best Crypto Signals in 2019 – Who should we trust?

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Signal providers send trade alerts/trade signals for cryptocurrencies that are regarded as a good buy at a particular price point. These considerations are made on the basis of manual chart analysis made by a professional trader who is well versed with which indicators to utilize to discover high probability trades or they can be analyzed by trading bots.

Basically, crypto trading signals inform you when to trade which coin. They will deliver you an entry price zone or entry price level, and generally an exact exit price or exit zone. That’s the reason these discord crypto signals have become so popular – it cuts the work for traders. However, you will still have to manage the trade yourself.

If you are interested, here are the best crypto signals that are effective and legit as can be.

4C Trading

The signals are great, but its primary selling point is the service it offers. It is a very broad signal service managed by professional cryptocurrency traders. There is much to learn from their educational material since it is important to trade yourself and not just depend on signals. Even if you get excellent signals, it won’t be of much help if you don’t know how to manage your trades. The 4C teams ensure that their members are never left in doubt and answers all their questions or problems.

It also provides automated trading bots, and its users widely celebrate the SmartUSD. 4C trading intends to aid members to increase their trading capital in the long term without having to sit all day long monitoring their trades. It is easily one of the best crypto signals out there, and their telegram signals are also very efficient.
Unlike other signals that fizzle out after a while, 4C trading has been around for quite some time. It is 100% legit!



In a market ridden by scammers and dubious services, Cryptohopper has consistently managed to be one of the best trading signals out there. Many people associate Cryptohopper with bots, but that’s just one of the excellent products they offer.  It is a very broad trading community, and numerous members provide crypto signal services at reasonable monthly prices. Unlike the hefty price that other services charge, you can avail Cryptohopper services for just 10$ or 20$. Thanks to this, you will be able to try out many services simultaneously without burning a hole in your pocket.

You will find their signal services in their menu item “Marketplace->Signals”. This is a legit service backed by a reputed company. The signal is not provided by the company but by its users.
If you desire, you can simply register for the seven days trial and ignore the paid subscriptions with the bots. You can just purchase the signals of your choice.


This crypto signal provider has been around for quite a while now. It isn’t a trading group providing signals, but a trading terminal built for people who trade routinely on numerous platforms for Binance and Bitmex. They can effectively utilize Cryptowatch as a management tool for their trades.
Additionally, it also has a charting tool and sends SMS alerts whenever volume or certain price changes occur. If you use the platform for active trading, Cryptowatch even provides a portfolio dashboard so that you can maintain a good overview of your assets. The basic account is free, and it is easy to signup. However, if you want to use the platform for SMS signals and trading, you will have to take one of the paid plans. It is simple, effective, and ranks among the best crypto signals.


Crypto signals are an excellent way of making your trading experience more convenient. But the signal providers are full of scams and deceptions that it is easy to get duped. These three providers are not just excellent but also 100% legit.

Bitcoin Brief History – How It All Began

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By now the word of bitcoin has made it to an incredible amount of public knowledge with mainstream media coverage, conventions worldwide, and startups around the budding technology increasing every year.  This is a far cry from full adoption, but considering that it all started on a mailing list to a select group of cryptography enthusiasts from a masked group or individual named Satoshi Nakamoto, it’s clear that bitcoin has exploded onto the scene. Over the past five years, bitcoin has survived threats from governments, hackers, heists, volatile value, version changes, skepticism, and critics.

The future of bitcoin promises to be just as exciting as the past as we recap some of the biggest moments in the brief yet captivating history of the cryptocurrency that continues to make waves.

Scroll down to see a visual compilation of Bitcoin:


Large venture capital investments continue to pour into the technology such as the $106 Million put into US-based company Coinbase alone in 2015. Look for bitcoin adoption and use cases to increase in the coming years as more local and big businesses start accepting payments in BTC, and for London based application LazyPay to help increase that adoption.

Bitcoin’s open-source code continues to be improved upon in the BIP (bitcoin improvement proposal) system, expanding upon the original core that Satoshi left with the community before bowing out of the development process. While the evolution of bitcoin is promising, the idea that it generated with the blockchain has also inspired other forms of proof of asset systems. Ethereum is a new project in the works based upon bitcoin’s idea of the blockchain that promises to decentralize more than money with  DACs (decentralized autonomous corporations) and a scripting language that allows developers to create new applications that have not yet been thought of on top of the blockchain.

Stay tuned for more updates in the ever-exciting world of cryptocurrencies.